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The Miami Alumni Kappa League incorporates mentoring activities aimed at supporting positive behavior, reducing dropout rates, promoting academic excellence and discouraging gang and criminal involvement. 


The Miami Kappa League is oriented towards helping young men to grow and develop their leadership talents, while stressing achievement.   Building upon the strong foundation of the National Kappa League network, our Kappa League program continues to provide both challenging and rewarding experiences for our Leaguers. 

Elevating outcomes

The Miami Alumni Kappa Foundation and Miami Kappa League are a part of a network of organizations striving to improve outcomes for young men and boys of color in America.

College Access


One of the staples of the Miami Kappa League is its' commitment to encouraging college attendance as an ultimate means of improving the educational and economic disparities for people of color.  Some of the ways in which we achieve this are:


Naviance-An online tool that helps monitor student grades, academic progress, and help with the college application process.


SAT/ACT Prep Course: We have teamed up with the Princeton Review to provide workshops, practice tests, diagnostics, and counseling to assist with achieving the highest possible scores on the SAT & ACT. 


Tutoring: Our Kappa Leaguers are offered tutoring in a number of subjects by members of the Miami Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.


Financial Aid Resources: A vital part of attending college is making sure finances will be covered. An integral part of this is helping the student maximize grant and scholarship opportunities and minimize loans.  Because of this, the Miami Kappa League provides financial aid resources with the help of experienced financial aid advisors. 



Spring Break College Tour


The Miami Kappa League annually takes students on tours of college campuses.  Some campuses recently visited are: University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, Bethune-Cookman Unviersity, University of Florida, Florida A&M University, Florida State University, Savannah State University, and more to come...

College Signing Day


Athletes are not the only students that should be celebrated for making the decision to attend college!  Our annual College Signing Day acknowledges the accomplishments of our senior Kappa Leaguers as they announce what school they decided to attend. 

Kappa Career Day


Kappa Career Day is designed to expose youth to an array of careers.  Experts in a number of industries are invited to interact with and discuss their path to career success. 

Community Service

Miami Kappa League participants gain memorable experiences in helping to give back to their communities; gaining valuable community service hours for graduation and college applications in the process. 


Social Activities


Frequently, the Miami Kappa League participates in Social Activities such as bowling outings, attending sporting events, and more.

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